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Who can benefit from our services?

At Majestic Oak Kid Connections we are passionate about helping people...All people. 


       We understand that treatment is a family affair. We offer family support and home programs for healing and continued lifelong health.

        Whether your typical child is struggling with reading comprehension, math, socialization, self esteem, etc., or your child has been diagnosed and needs help with development, we have the tools to address your needs.  Children of all ages can benefit from our wide menu of services.  We treat adults as well. 


Some examples of disorders we treat are:


Learning Disabilities (LD)                                         ADD/ADHD

Dyslexia                                                                      Dysgraphia

Expressive & Receptive Language Delays             Cerebral Palsy

Developmental Delay                                               Down Syndrome

Autism                                                                        Asperger Syndrome

Stroke                                                                         TBI

Accidents/Injuries                                                     PTSD

Behavioral Issues


Sometimes there is no diagnosis, yet you just feel there is something that needs to be addressed.  With or without a diagnosis, if your child needs help we can identify the deficiency through our kid friendly evaluation process and start making the difference that will change his or her life.




"My son had no 'diagnosable' issue but was struggling academically.  Majestic Oak Kid Connections not only pinpointed the problem, they gave me what I was searching for - a way to help him!"


~ Nancy K

"After the treatment my 10 year old son received at Majestic Oak Kid Connections many things changed for us; he was able to wear jeans 

for the first time and he is now voluntarily using utensils to eat meals!"


~ Sandy C.

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