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About Us

Devon Nicholl-Ewert, MOT, MPH, OTR/L

OT Works, Inc. | Clinical Director

        Devon is the owner of Majestic Oak Kid Connections.  She studied Elementary Education in undergraduate school and holds a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy and a Master's Degree in Public Health.  Devon has over 20 years experience in pediatrics, in/out patient rehabilitation, schools, and home health settings. 

        Her personal background and history of learning disabilities led Devon to pursue the field of child development and pediatrics.  Her down to earth personality and love of her work allows children and parents to feel comfortable and understood. Devon lives in St. Augustine with her husband and three children.   

Dr. Patty Shackleford, Ph.D.

MNRI® Core Specialist/Instructor

Brain Gym® Consultant/Instructor

School Psychologist

Mental Health Counselor

        Dr. Patty Shackleford offers academic and emotional therapy using her 39+ years of educational and psychological experience incorporating movement and whole brain learning techniques which make reaching our innate potential much easier.  She has been a classroom teacher, Supervisor of Special Education, and a licensed Mental Health provider for Head Start and Early Head Start. 

        Dr. Patty is a certified MNRI® Core Specialist, MNRI® Instructor, Brain Gym® Consultant / Instructor, a licensed School Psychologist, and Mental Health Counselor in Florida and Nationally Certified as a School Psychologist, with a Ph. D. in Psychology.

Heidi Cottam

Certified Personal Trainer

        Heidi is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  She is a mother of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls and lives in St Augustine, Florida with her family.  They moved here from the Boston, MA area in 2014 and they absolutely love it here.  Heidi has been personal training for over 15 years at various facilities, as well as independently.  She has an enormous passion for helping people to achieve their goals.  Heidi wants to help people find happiness, self-confidence and self-worth and to show them they are capable of great things!  She enjoys a challenge and loves helping people succeed.

Derek Norman

CrossFit Trainer


        Derek is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  He is a native northeast Floridian, born and raised in Starke, Florida.  He currently resides in St Augustine, Florida.  Derek worked several years as a youth pastor in his local church.  His hobbies are working out and playing sports. He enjoys helping others achieve their goals. 

Natalie Steinhour

Educational & Developmental Specialist

        Natalie is a Developmental Specialist. After coming to Majestic Oak Kid Connections with her son as a client, Natalie was inspired to become trained in MNRI.  Natalie has taken additional courses in Kinergetics, RESET and QRI Soft Touch. Her passion is sharing the message of hope and healing, while helping others achieve the significant results she experienced with her family.  Natalie is the mother of 4 children and has 32 nieces and nephews.  She appreciates and understands neuro-diversity and places great importance on nature connection.  

Kirstie Lyons

Developmental Specialist

        Kirstie is a Client Care Coordinator and a Developmental Specialist here at Majestic Oak Kid Connections. She has an MBA in International Business.  She lives in St Augustine, Florida with her husband,  2 children and several pets.  Kirstie has also seen positive changes in her children through the work done here. 

Julia A. McRae, B.A. C.N.


        Julia has been a licensed nutritionist in private practice, for twenty-four years. Recognizing the epidemic nutritional deficiencies in children, she has devoted much of her practice to pediatric nutrition and neurological support.

        Having three children of her own, who have had highly specialized nutritional needs, she brings to her practice the awareness that helping kids is a family affair. Her goal with each family is to nutritionally support the success of OT long-term. Neurological nutrition is critical in recovering and maintaining healthy function. The smiles and joy of those who have seen incredible recovery fuels Julia's passion to help families succeed.

Summer A. Haxby

Educational & Developmental Specialist


        Summer is a Psychology graduate of University of Florida with a minor in Education. Her passion for children and love of learning has made her a patient and gifted educational coach. The past four years, Summer has been devoted to working with children who have a variety of challenges including academic, behavioral and psychosocial deficits. Summer's grasp of academics and out of the box thinking gives her a unique ability to use multiple strategies to find the best learning style for the individual child she is working with.

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