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The Evaluation Process

What to expect...​

To begin your evaluation you will need to thoroughly complete our intake packet (download below) and return it to us at least 3-5 days before your scheduled evaluation.  This information allows us to become acquainted with your child's overall background and need for evaluation prior to your appointment.


The evaluation takes approximately three to four hours.  At least one parent/guardian is required to be present during the evaluation.  However, it is preferred that both parents/guardians attend to allow both to have a clear understanding of the testing and results.  Full written reports are available for an additional fee.


You will want to bring your child in soft, comfortable clothing such as a T-shirt and shorts / sweat pants / leggings.  The evaluation is conducted in bare feet.  Therefore, many clients prefer to wear slip on shoes/sandals.  Feel free to bring water and a snack.  Also, if your child wears eyeglasses, hearing aids or any other required devices, please be sure to bring them, as well.


Upon completion of your child's evaluation, results and treatment options will be discussed.

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