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Here's what some of our families have to say about us...


Inger R.,

"I am a RN,BSN and proud mother of my 15 year old son diagnosed with PDD-NOS (ASD) at the age of 2. In the beginning, we tried the conventional therapies of speech, occupational, and physical therapy with minimal results. Also had him studies at Vanderbilt University for usage of PECS system for communication skills and social skills. As time progressed, we (my husband and I) began to research other avenues to help our son. We tried the gluten free diet and began using various amounts of different supplements. Then we began cranial sacral therapy, Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, classic homeopathic medicine (classic homeopathic MD) and tried the blood type diet. Also, we did voice exercises, brain gym exercises, Fast Forward reading program (auditory processing), NAET (natural allergy elimination therapy), NST, chiropractor work and biofeedback. This was over the course between ages 2-14. We saw improvement but not nearly what we were looking for or expected. Then


“...we met Devon April 2014 and began MNRI! I wish we would have discovered this therapy for our son so long ago!” ...”Our son's has improved on his...sentence structure, fluency in speech, reading, and gait, increase focus skills and concentration in school, articulation - better, motor - skills better, auditory and visual processing - better, gaining self confidence, vestibular system improving, better posture, core strength improved, cerebellum thinking on the rise, less anxiety, less depression, more intuitive, emotions more regulated, and better equilibrium. His teacher is commenting on his performance in school and his reading skills, especially comprehension.” 


This therapy did this in months rather than years! MNRI works at the base of the problem- the brain stem. I am not looking for a cure just something that gets our son to HIS best functioning and MNRI is it! This therapy is a must for anyone with any neuro/emotional/mental/physical issues!"





Sandy C.,

"Thank Goodness for Majestic Oak Kid Connections! Devon and her staff helped my son more than anyone ever has, and in a way that built up his self esteem and increased his confidence as well. Devon is knowledgeable, insightful, and caring. We love Ms. Devon!"





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