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Luli Rachel Chandra, CYT, RYT

Yoga Teacher | TMSYOGA ©

        Luli  is a career healthcare professional with administrative and clinical experience in various fields for over twenty years. She is a health services provider, administrator, consultant, and the developer of TMSYOGA protocols, which is a neurointegrative movement, bodywork and yoga-based program.

Dr. Patty Schakleford, Ph.D.

MNRI® Core Specialist/Instructor

Brain Gym® Consultant/Instructor

School Psychologist

Mental Health Councelor

Dr. Patty Shackeford offers academic and emotional therapy using her 39+ years of educational and psycolgical experience incorporating movement and whole brain learning techniques which make reaching our inate potential much easier.  She has been a classroom teacher, Supervisor of Special Education, and a licensed Mental Health provider for Head Start and Early Head Start.  Dr Patty is a certified MNRI® Core Specalist, MNRI® Instructor, Brain Gym® Consultant/Instrutor, a licensed School Psychologist, and Mental Health Councelor in Florida and Nationally Certified as a School Psychologist, with a Ph. D. in Psychology.



Her clientele includes children, adults with ADHD/ADD, Dyslexia, ASD/Autism, Down Syndrome, CP, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Stress, etc. Dr Patty offers group and individual classes to parents, teachers and businesses on how to improve learning, productivity, behavior and increase communication skills using scientifically proven body reflex movements. The understanding and hands on experiences taught in these sessions will help individuals of all ages to reduce stress, enhance performance in the classroom, work place, sports, music, art, ad many other areas. Dr. Patty therapy sessions are based on the MNRI® Masgutova Method.

Jennifer P. Merkel, MAEE

K-12 Educational Specialist

Language Specialist

        Jennifer is a K-12 educator experienced with Dyslexia, Autism & Learning Disabilities, individualized curriculum accomodations, multi-modal brain-based teaching methods, Orton-Gillingham language therapy, senory-integration, Brain Gym® and knowlege of K-12 curricular continuum.  She is bilingual in Spanish.

        B.A. in Communicative Disorders, M.A. in Exceptional Education.

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