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Evaluations and
Specialty Therapeutic Services for Children
Adult, & Senior treatment available as well!
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Majestic Oak Kid Connections St. Augustine Florida
Majestic Oak Kid Connections


The Natural Choice


Connecting body, brain, and development the way nature intended​


Saving the world one child and family at a time...
More than twenty years of experience in pediatric occupational therapy has enabled us to help children and adults with a variety of challenges and gifts. Each child is unique and our method for pediatric evaluation is based on neurodevelopmental and scientific research of the brain. The focus is on identifying the root of the problem and developing treatment strategies which address deficits at their source.
Our evaluation process has evolved over many years of clinical experience, training and collaboration with skilled professionals. This results in one of the most comprehensive neurodevelopmental pediatric evaluations in the field. Our team and network of caring professionals bring their own unique abilities and experiences to each individual program.  Depending on the needs of the child, this team may include occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech & language pathologists, audiologists, physicians, psychologists, educators, and body work specialists to create an interdisciplinary team that will produce optimal results. One of our strengths lies in our ability to connect you to these professionals to further your child's treatment progress. Our approach to therapy is holistic, organic, gentle and positive so everyone can enjoy the experience.

How Majestic Oak Kid Connections works for you and your child...

Children's development and behavior happen in the context of the family. We seek to understand the family’s view of the problem and how it effects the family and life of the child. We know that for therapy to have the most optimal effect, family needs to be part of the process.

Our programs are based on current research, knowledge of neurosensorimotor development, and practical applications. Our evaluations and assessments help us to pinpoint the specific areas of focus and determine the level of maturation of the central nervous system and how the brain is functioning. We then design a neurorehabilitative intensive program which addresses reflex patterns, brain functions, and development. Brain research shows that to be effective, neurodevelopmental therapy must have frequency, intensity, and consistency for a specified time. This is based on neuro-plasticity, the ability of the brain to change, which creates the need for the intensive model.  We know from years of clinical experience that the intensive model works to make changes in the brain faster enabling you and your child to transition through development and continue on with your lives.
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